The PRI has released additional reporting guidance in preparation for the opening of the reporting window on 14 June 2023.

To support signatories in their continued preparations for the opening of the reporting window next month, the PRI is providing information on how signatories can ensure their staff have access to the Reporting Tool and where to register for our upcoming webinars. We have also released descriptive 2023 assessment multipliers and new reporting guidance covering minimum requirements and human rights.

The documents and resources released today include:

Accessing the Reporting Tool

The Reporting Tool will open on 14 June 2023.

Signatories manage their own access to the reporting platforms (Reporting Tool and Data Portal) in the Permissions System. Each signatory should have one or more Admin user/s who can grant or revoke access to both the Reporting Tool and Data Portal, on behalf of their organisation. An updated Permissions System user guide is available.

We encourage signatories to start reviewing their Reporting Tool access and decide who, in their organisation, will be the focal point for Reporting Tool access queries in 2023.

If your organisation is reporting for the first time in 2023, your default Admin user is PRI’s main contact, the person listed as the primary contact in your application. If this contact is not intended to be the Admin user for your organisation’s reporting for 2023, please add additional Admin users following the instructions in the user guide.

Minimum requirements

The new guide Minimum requirements for PRI investor signatories provides guidance to support signatories to report on the minimum requirements indicators, understand what is required to meet them and where to access further resources.

Human rights reporting guidance

PRI reporting guidance on human rights summarises the human rights-relevant indicators in the 2023 Reporting Framework and how they correspond to the responsibilities outlined in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). This guide is applicable to all PRI signatories.

Logic guide

An updated version of the Logic guide has been published on the Investor Reporting Framework page. This update includes editorial amendments to improve clarity and correct typographical errors but offers no material change to the previous version.

Assessment multipliers

The descriptive 2023 assessment multipliers (low/ medium/ high) have been added to the Reporting Framework modules on the Investor Reporting Framework webpage . The numerical multipliers will be visible to signatories in the Reporting Tool and in their Assessment Reports.

For additional information on the 2023 assessment multipliers, please see the How investors are assessed page and the updated Assessment Methodology document.

The updates to the Reporting Framework modules also include editorial amendments to improve clarity and correct typographical errors but offer no material change to the previous versions.

Register for our webinars

Join us for a webinar on accessing and navigating the Reporting Tool on 5 July 2023. This session will introduce the Reporting Tool for the 2023 reporting cycle, including how to access the tool via the Permissions System, demonstrate its key functionalities, and summarise the available guidance.

Join us for a webinar on the minimum requirements on 19 July 2023. This session will provide an overview of the background to the PRI’s minimum requirements and explain what the PRI expects of its signatories to meet them. Participants will learn how to identify the minimum requirements when reporting and leave the session with an understanding of how PRI engages with signatories that do not meet them.

You can also view a recording of our previous webinar, How to prepare for the 2023 PRI reporting cycle.

Further information

We will continue to share information on R&A Updates, so please check back frequently. All signatories reporting in 2023 will be contacted by email when the reporting window is open.

If you have a query not answered by the available guidance, please contact us at [email protected].