Data collection

Issues with the new Reporting Tool, centred on navigation and functionality, contributed to the time taken to report in 2021 and created problems with a portion of the 2021 reporting dataset, as some (but not all) signatories’ submissions had missing data and/or indicator errors.

As communicated in the CEO and Chair’s letter on 2 August 2021, the PRI committed to improving the quality of the 2021 dataset. As a result, the PRI is taking a staged approach in releasing signatories’ 2021 outputs.

In late 2021, the PRI released Transparency Reports privately for signatories to review in the Data Portal. All signatories had a period of four weeks to communicate any changes needed to the indicators affected by missing data and indicator errors. The PRI worked with an external provider to identify and fix data issues for both investor and service provider signatories. The PRI implemented changes on signatories’ behalf; signatories did not have to re-enter the Reporting Tool.

After conducting significant quality checks and testing, the PRI re-uploaded amended 2021 Transparency Reports privately onto the Data Portal in March 2022. All signatories that reported in 2021 were given a two-week period to flag any potential concerns with the amendments made to their reports before the PRI finalised the 2021 reporting dataset. To meet our commitment to deliver signatory outputs, 28 March, 10 a.m. GMT was the last date for signatories to flag potential concerns with their amended reports before we finalised the 2021 reporting dataset.

With the 2021 dataset complete, the PRI is now preparing for the launch of 2021 public Transparency Reports (for investors and service providers) and private Assessment Reports (for investors). We intend to launch these outputs in June 2022, alongside an updated 2021 assessment methodology. The PRI will seek feedback on both outputs as part of the pilot.

PRI Data Portal

How to access reported data

The Data Portal is an online platform that allows signatories and public users to access the PRI’s reported data. The Data Portal offers in-depth insights into signatories’ responsible investment practices, based on data from over 3,800 investors and over 300 service providers.

reporting orange swirl

Validation and credibility of reported data

The PRI has several steps in place to reduce reporting errors and enhance the credibility of PRI data: