Data collection

Issues with the new online Reporting Tool which centered on navigation and functionality, contributed to the time taken to report in 2021 and created problems during the review process for signatories. Unfortunately, this affected the quality of a portion of the 2021 reporting dataset as some (but not all) signatories’ submissions has missing data and/or indicator errors.

As stated in our CEO and Chair’s letter from 2 August, we committed to improve the quality of the 2021 dataset by taking a staged approach to releasing signatories’ 2021 outputs. All signatories have a period of four weeks to communicate any changes needed to the indicators affected by missing data and indicator errors. The PRI will make the changes; signatories will not have to re-enter the Reporting Tool.

We have identified the data issues for both investor and service provider signatories, and are currently addressing those changes.

The annual Assessment (investor only) and public Transparency Reports will be launched separately, once all changes have been completed.

The PRI has used a staggered approach in contacting signatories about the relevant data issues in their report. All investor signatories that reported in 2021 have received an email from us in October, and service providers that reported in 2021 have received an email from us in November.


How to review indicators affected by data issues and provide updated responses to your report


Signatories have four weeks to review and request changes to indicators affected by the issues. Signatories need to follow the below steps to review and request changes to indicators known to be affected by data gaps and/or indicator errors.