The PRI works with more than 5,000 signatories globally, in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

With a team of nearly 40 professionals located in 17 cities around the world, our regional relationship managers represent signatories’ first point of contact with the PRI.

The Signatory Relations team works to:

  • raise local market awareness of responsible investment;
  • act as signatories’ initial point of contact with the PRI;
  • guide signatories to pertinent PRI resources and expertise;
  • showcase relevant, global best practices in responsible investment;
  • encourage investors to become PRI signatories;
  • help signatories to get involved in the PRI’s activities and with peers;
  • collaborate with local stakeholders to encourage implementation of the six Principles; 
  • promote and participate in local responsible investment-related events.


 Staff location/sCoverage responsibility
  Toronto, Montreal Canada
  New York City, San Francisco, Chicago USA
  Sao Paolo Brazil
  Medellin Latin America (ex. Brazil)
  Stockholm Sweden, Norway
  London UK, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, CEE, CIS
  Johannesburg Middle East and Africa
  Amsterdam Netherlands
  Luxembourg Belgium, Luxembourg
  Paris France
  Cologne, Munich Germany, Austria
  Geneva Switzerland, Liechtenstein
  Barcelona Southern Europe
  Tokyo Japan
  Sydney Australasia
  Beijing China
  Hong Kong Asia (ex. China)

PRI international support 

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