The PRI is inviting signatories to join its Reporting Equivalency Proof of Concept Working Group for Stewardship (REPOC-WG-S).

The PRI recognises that, as the responsible investment reporting landscape has changed over recent years, so has the reporting effort for our signatories. In response to this increasing effort, the PRI is establishing a programme of work aimed at better understanding and addressing the duplication of requirements faced by signatories across different reporting frameworks.

We are beginning this work with a proof of concept to determine, in collaboration with signatories, equivalent reporting requirements in focussed areas where signatories have identified a significantly increased reporting effort. This will initially start with this group for the UK Stewardship Code and a further group will be set up to consider climate-related disclosures in the near term, details of which will be shared in due course.

The REPOC-WG-S is a fixed-term voluntary body, comprised of members from PRI Asset Owner signatories. The scope of this working group will be limited to the UK Stewardship code as an initial proof of concept and the working group provides advice and technical input to the PRI.


The Working Group will:

  • Advise on an approach to assessing equivalency.
  • Determine key and common requirements of reporting and assessment (i.e. equivalency) between PRI reporting framework and the UK Stewardship Code.
  • Provide input, advice and insights to the PRI Executive where signatories have identified a significantly increased reporting burden.
  • Support PRI in developing a long-term approach to reporting equivalency.

Group members are appointed by the PRI based on the following criteria

  • PRI Asset Owner signatories that have reported against the UK Stewardship Code at least once in either 2021 or 2022, and who intend to report in 2023.
  • Representative of a PRI signatory that has reported to PRI at least once.
  • Personal knowledge and experience of PRI’s reporting framework.
  • Understanding and experience of reporting requirements of the UK Stewardship Code.
  • Commitment to contribute expertise and time to the work of the Working group.
  • Diversity of the group defined by type, size and location of signatories.

Participants must be able to commit to a term running from mid-June 2023 to Dec 2024. For further details on this working group opportunity, including full participation requirements, please read the Terms of Reference.

To apply, please complete this application form.

Applications must be received by 13 April 2023. Signatories will be advised of the outcome of their applications as soon as possible after the Board meeting in April.

For any questions, please contact Emmet McNamee at [email protected].