Climate guidance and tools

Climate change is a material risk. PRI’s climate technical guidance workstream supports signatory progression towards (1) addressing climate risk and opportunity, (2) setting and achieving net zero targets, and (3) providing accountability and transparency around these goals.

Introductory Guides


An introduction to responsible investment: climate change for asset owners

This starter guide outlines the relevance of climate change to asset owners and suggests updates to investment processes, engagement and disclosures that are needed to reflect climate risk.

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An introduction to responsible investment: climate metrics

This starter guide provides a succinct overview of a range of the climate metrics most commonly used and reported by investors.

Reporting and data

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Climate reporting to the PRI

Since 2020, PRI signatories have been required to report to the PRI on several indicators regarding their management of risks and opportunities related to climate change.

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Inside PRI data: asset owner action

This report analyses the responses of asset owner signatories who participated in PRI reporting in 2021. It covers asset owners’ top-level commitments, responsible investment policies, processes for selecting, appointing and monitoring managers, and climate-change strategies.

Additional resources

Climate and Nature main

Climate change - Engagement guides

The PRI coordinates collaborative investor engagements on ESG issues, and climate change forms a major part of this work. Over many years we have facilitated corporate engagements on oil and gas, water risk resilience, and climate lobbying, amongst other topics. These reports set out the results achieved and the lessons learned, and act as guides for investors engaging on these or similar topics in future.

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Climate change - Technical guides

The mobilisation of the investment industry to prevent, mitigate and adapt to climate change is one of the most complex challenges faced by finance professionals. These reports provide technical insights and practical examples of how it can be achieved, including a suite of recent work on implementing the recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

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Climate risk: An investor resource guide

This publication provides an overview of the many resources available to help investors manage climate risk. It includes short discussions of each of the four areas of climate risk management, links to key resources and many examples of investor disclosures.

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