In the last episode in our series of modern slavery podcasts, the PRI’s Head of Social Issues, Bettina Reinboth speaks with Anders Stromblad, Head of Alternative Investments and External Management at AP2.

There are currently 40.3 million people in modern slavery today.

To bring this number close to zero by 2030, and reach the Sustainable Development Goal target 8.7, we would need to reduce the number of individuals affected by 10,000 a day.   

The risks of modern slavery are increasing due to changes such as climate change, automation and migration, as they disrupt global labour markets and value chains.  

In this episode, Bettina and Anders discuss how AP2 is addressing modern slavery and human trafficking across its investments, and what private equity investors can do to tackle the issue.

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Find out about the Blueprint for Mobilizing Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking


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