Academic Network Conference 2017

Papers and presentations

Big data processing ESG integration Sustainable financial system
Invesco’s differentiated Proxy Voting Approach Developing an Evidence Base for Assessing Natural Capital Risks and Dependencies in Lending to Australian Wheat Farms (Presentation) When a Competing Logic Arises: A Cross-National Study of How Environmental Investment Funds Make Firms Greener (Presentation)
  Short-Term Investors, Monitoring Blockholders, and Long-Term Corporate Investment BEST STUDENT PAPER
Responsible Investment Requires a Proxy Voting System Responsive to Retail Investors (Presentation)
Investment Horizon and Corporate Social Performance: The Virtuous Circle of Long-Term Institutional Ownership and Responsible Firm Conduct The Present Value Relation Over Six Centuries: The Case of the Bazacle Company (Presentation)
R&D – The Missing Link Between Corporate Social Performance and Financial Performance?  
What do ESG Ratings Really Measure? (Presentation)
No News Is Good News: Corporate Social Responsibility Ratings and Fixed Income Portfolios
Behavioural financeCorporate governanceEngagement strategies
Promoting Climate-Friendly Investing among Retail Investors: Evidence from a Choice Experiment (Presentation) Dissolving “Deutschland AG” - How “Embeddedness” into New Institutional Investor Networks Contributes to Environmental Reporting (Presentation) Coordinated Engagement (Presentation)
Comparing the Socially Responsible U.S Equity Mutual Funds with Conventional Mutual Funds in Different Economic Regimes (Presentation) Corporate Legal Responsibility and Longer Term Shareholder Value: Evidence from Environmental and Social Fines (Presentation) Engagement Work for Responsible Investment: A Behind-The-Scenes View of Responsible Investment Engagement Processes
Altruism versus Egoism in Investment Decisions (Presentation) Corporate Governance and the Rise of Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility Criteria in Executive Compensation: Antecedents and Outcomes BEST QUALITATIVE PAPER
Governing Responsible Business Conduct through Financial Markets? The Case of French Socially Responsible Investing (Presentation)
ESG and capital marketsFinancial performanceInvestors
ESG Shareholder Engagement and Downside Risk Does Corporate Social Responsibility Reduce the Costs of High Leverage? Evidence from Capital Structure and Product Markets Interactions Factor Investing and ESG Integration (Presentation)
Valuing Decomposed Carbon Emissions The Price of Taste for Socially Responsible Investment The Materiality of Environmental and Social Shareholder Activism – Who cares?!
Nonlinear Financial Payoffs to Corporate Sustainability (Presentation) Corporate Social and Financial Performance: a Second-Order Meta-Analysis BEST QUANTITATIVE PAPER
The Sustainability Footprint of Institutional Investors (Presentation)
  ESG Factors and risk-adjusted performance: a new quantitative model (Presentation)