COP26, the annual UN climate conference, will be held in Glasgow in November 2021. The conference is significant and represents the world’s most recent collective effort to tackle climate change and achieve net zero emissions across the economy in line with Paris Agreement targets.  

The PRI is prioritising the need for bold action at COP26, focusing on raising government and investor ambition to take swift and meaningful steps towards zero emissions goals. We are working closely with partners in the Glasgow Finance Sector Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) and other networks to enable all PRI signatories walk the talk on making a net zero carbon emissions economy a reality. 

Why COP26 matters

The goal of the Glasgow conference is to raise climate ambition and to turn this goodwill into action that operationalises emissions reductions targets across all sectors of the economy. Presently, country commitments made alongside the Paris Agreement are insufficient to meet the 1.5 degree warming target. Current emissions reduction pledges put the world on course for a 3~4 degree temperature rise. COP26 is the chance to put this right and increase ambition across all segments of the financial sector and the real economy. Investors and countries need to commit to halving global emissions from current levels by 2030 to put the world on track for 1.5 degrees, according to UNEP.  

How the PRI is responding to COP26

The PRI’s work focuses on convening government leaders and investors on ambitious, actionable climate targets in line with 1.5 degree warming goals agreed upon in the Paris Agreement: 


Policy briefing: The road to COP26

A significant acceleration of action is needed to if we are to meet the Paris Agreement goals. This PRI briefing provides recommendations for policymakers to support ambitious commitments and take decisive action at COP26 to deliver the needed emissions cuts this decade and a net-zero economy by 2050. 

We are encouraging parties to the Paris Agreement to: 

Investor collaboration and leadership

We are encouraging PRI signatories to work together on a number of initiatives, including: 

Investor net zero commitment opportunities 

Heading into the COP26, the PRI and partners are working with actors across the institutional investment chain to make credible net zero commitments. These are a sample of the initiatives PRI is encouraging our members to engage with in time for COP26 with accompanying methodologies: 

How to participate in COP26

Find out more on UNFCCC information for participants


The PRI is running a number of webinars and online roundtables with partners around the world. These digital sessions provide practical insights into how investors can operationalise net zero and other climate aligned investment strategies across asset classes in a timely manner. 

Upcoming webinar

  • 1 – 12 Nov. The PRI at COP26 

Previous webinars

Additional resources 

Additional resources below from different programmes which may be of interest. You can also access additional climate change resources on the PRI website