Welcome to the PRI – a community of over 2,800 organisations around the world that have publicly demonstrated their commitment to responsible investment.

Local relationship managers

Relationship managers are our signatories’ primary point of contact with the PRI. If you have not already been introduced, they will be in touch shortly to arrange an introductory call, to establish how the PRI can best support you in your initial months. 

Available resources

PRI signatories have access to a variety of investor tools, guidance documents, case studies and collaborative engagement opportunities, including a guide to writing a responsible investment policy for those new to responsible investment. There are also exclusive resources available to signatories only, such as the Collaboration Platform and Data Portal.

We recommend you begin with the following publications:

More broadly, content is primarily grouped on the website across the following areas:

Keeping on top of PRI news

The PRI provides a range of newsletters tailored to signatories’ varying needs. Once signed into the Collaboration Platform, you can personalise your interests and communication preferences, including updates on opportunities to join collaborations and advisory committees.

You can also stay informed through: quarterly updates (the public newsletter published on our news and press page); by checking in on our website homepage where latest resources are posted; or by following our social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Connecting and engaging with other signatories

The PRI runs over 100 signatory events and workshops each year; upcoming events are listed by region on the events page.

The Collaboration Platform is a private forum that allows signatories to share information, pool resources and enhance their influence on ESG issues. It offers a range of global initiatives that involve investors engaging with listed companies, policy makers and other actors in the investment chain.

The reporting process

Reporting is compulsory for all PRI signatories as one of the commitments they make when signing the six Principles. However, new signatories have a one-year grace period whereby the first reporting cycle is voluntary – and can be anonymous. The PRI encourages new signatories to report in their voluntary year and use this process to learn about the reporting process.

After reporting, signatories receive a Transparency Report and an Assessment Report. The Transparency Report details responses to the indicators and is published on the Signatory Directory.

The Assessment Report, which is private, shows module scores and rankings within signatories’ peer group. This report is available on the Data Portal and can be shared with other signatories, if approved. After receiving their reports, signatories may request a development session during which PRI staff can highlight how and where to adhere to best practices in responsible investment.

The Data Portal allows Asset Owners and Investment Managers to access reported data by searching for and requesting access to private reports from other signatories. Signatories can access public responses to selected indicators or whole modules for a desired group of signatories.

To find out more about reporting, visit the Reporting for signatories page.

Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements are an objective, criteria-based approach to ensuring Asset Owner and Investment Manager signatories achieve a minimum standard of progress each year, as measured by its Reporting and Assessment process. Signatories that do not meet the criteria will be informed privately, with delisting a last resort following unsuccessful engagement and support over a two-year period. The three requirements are:

  1. Investment policy that covers the firm’s responsible investment approach, covering >50% of AUM;
  2. Internal/external staff responsible for implementing responsible investment policy;
  3. Senior-level commitment and accountability mechanisms for responsible investment.

Detailed guidance on the minimum requirements is available here.