The PRI provides research and education, and facilitates collaboration, to help investors align their responsible investment practices with the broader sustainable objectives of society – as currently best defined by the SDGs. To hear more about our SDG work, contact us.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) poster

The SDG investment case

Why the SDGs are relevant to institutional investors, why there is an expectation that investors will contribute, and the case for why investors should want to.

What we will do

The PRI will develop a programme that stimulates and helps signatories to align their responsible investment practices with the broader sustainable objectives of society, as currently best defined by the SDGs. We will provide research and education, facilitate collaboration and embed the SDGs in our work on public policy, investment practices (investment strategy, asset allocation, manager selection, incorporation in asset classes) and active ownership. Wherever possible, the PRI will do this in collaboration with UN organisations, including our UN partners: UNEP FI and UN Global Compact. A board policy committee has been installed to oversee the PRI’s SDG activities and serve as a soundboard to the executive.

Our SDG work programme is guided by an advisory committee drawn mainly from our signatory base. We have two active SDG-focused working groups; one looking at asset allocation and another at active ownership. See this page for more information on each group and to see a list of members. More details will be provided on the expected outputs of each group as they progress.

Planned activities include:

  • information and communication about the UN SDGs to all signatories;
  • regularly updating The SDG investment case, as new information becomes available and investors gain experience in contributing to the SDGs;
  • guidance on how the SDGs (and ESG issues in general) can be incorporated in asset allocation decisions by asset owners and multi-asset fund managers;
  • guidance on how the SDGs can be incorporated in active ownership activities across asset classes;
  • a tool that will help investors identify their current contribution to the SDGs and to develop their SDG strategy;
  • contributing to a select number of initiatives to identify investment opportunities that contribute to the SDGs;
  • incorporating the SDGs in the regular guidance documents for investment practices and in collaborative engagements;
  • developing a policy agenda for SDGs that are not yet easily investable and require public policy changes to make them investable;
  • contributing to the development of a global system of standardised, comparable SDG corporate reporting standards.