The second part of the discussion paper on the director nomination process includes detailed reviews of the nomination process in seven national jurisdictions.

They are: Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the US.

Each market’s approach is illustrated in a dedicated chapter through a basic overview, a case study example and a list of good practice recommendations. Information included in this document is based on materials available in 2013 unless indicated otherwise.

Under each chapter the market overview outlines any local regulations, listing rules and best practice recommendations that reference the director nomination process. It also covers individual market characteristics that influence corporate governance to provide relevant context.

The market overview is supplemented by a company case study. These examples are generally from companies that demonstrate good practices on director nominations within their local market; where appropriate, areas for improvement have also been identified.

Finally, each chapter concludes with a list of good practice recommendations that investors could use in their engagement dialogue with companies. The purpose of these recommendations is to promote a standard of good practice that takes into account at the same time existing state of play, realistic expectations for the market and globally accepted standards of corporate governance.

The good practice recommendations formed the basis for the development of a list of indicators employed to benchmark company practices in two of the markets covered in the paper: the US and France.

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    Director nomination process: Discussion paper

    September 2014

Director nomination process: Discussion paper - Part 1