The PRI has launched a new stewardship initiative where institutional investors work together to take action on human rights and social issues. Investors will use their collective influence with companies and other decision makers to drive positive outcomes for workers, communities and society.

PRI signatories are invited to join the initiative as an Endorser, by signing the Advance investor statement. Becoming an Endorser signals support for the objectives of the initiative, and Endorsers who outsource their stewardship activities are encouraged to request that their investment managers and engagement service providers apply to take part in the initiative, or commit to aligning their own engagements to the objectives of the initiative.

Unfortunately the deadline has now passed for joining Advance as a full Participant in its first phase, which will focus on metals & mining companies. Future phases will open for new Participants in due course. 

Endorsers do not participate in engagement activities within the initiative, and will be listed separately to Participants in public information about the initiative.

There is no deadline for supporting the intiative and its objectives by becoming an Endorser. 

For more information on this initiative, including how to become an endorser, please visit our dedicated Advance webpage. For anything else, please contact [email protected].