The companies

Engagement is underway with companies in the metals and mining and renewables sectors. Additional sectors and companies will be included in the initiative over time.

Sector and company selection methodology

A methodology was developed to provide a framework for selecting the companies and sectors that investors will engage with in support of the overall objectives of the initiative. This includes identifying the sectors and companies where human rights risks and impacts are most severe; and determining where investors within the initiative can influence those sectors and companies to advance respect for human rights through stewardship.

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Please note that this is not necessarily a full list and, in some cases, names may not be displayed. These lists are updated on a quarterly basis, and may not include newer members of the group and/or any other recent changes. (Last update: December 2023).

Investors can engage with companies as potential or current holders. Participation in a company engagement is not an indication of the investor being invested in said company.