The investors

The initiative is made up of endorsers and participants.

Endorsers are those that publicly endorse the initiative by signing the public investor statement , signalling their support for the objectives and strategy of Advance. Endorsers who outsource their stewardship activities are encouraged to request that their investment managers and engagement service providers with responsibility for engagement apply to take part in Advance or commit to aligning their own engagements to the objectives of the initiative.

Endorsers do not participate in engagement activities within the initiative.

Participants are investors who engage with companies as part of the initiative. Participants can engage with a company as a lead investor or a collaborating investor for specific engagement focus companies. Investors who join Advance as a participant are also endorsers.

To take part in the initiative, participants agree to the initiative Terms of Reference

The requirements of Advance participants can be found in Advance participant requirements.

Participant and endorser list

Please note that this is not necessarily a full list and, in some cases, names may not be displayed. These lists are updated on a quarterly basis, and may not include newer members of the group and/or any other recent changes. (Last update: December 2023).