Long-term infrastructure investors should consider a broad range of ESG issues that potential and existing investments might face over the course of the assets’ life. To hear more about our infrastructure work, contact us.

Primer on responsible investment in infrastructure

Primer on responsible investment in infrastructure

This article series clarifies key concepts of responsible investment in private infrastructure equity and debt, and how the six Principles for Responsible Investment apply to infrastructure.

Responsible investment strategies in infrastructure

Responsible investment strategies include:

Applying the six Principles to infrastructure investing

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to responsible investment.

Key challenges for infrastructure investors

Responsible investment in infrastructure is still maturing.

Responsible investment in infrastructure: looking ahead

Infrastructure assets are often heavily regulated, operate with a government counterparty or are subject to public scrutiny.

Benchmarking infrastructure assets on ESG performance

The PRI and GRESB teamed up to produce a webinar explaining why investors use the GRESB Infrastructure platform, how it works and the value it brings to their organisations.

Supply chain ESG risks