Long-term infrastructure investors should consider a broad range of ESG issues that potential and existing investments might face over the course of the assets’ life. To hear more about our infrastructure work, contact us.


Are national infrastructure plans SDG-aligned, and how can investors play their part?


Investors are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that their investments support improved environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes, and infrastructure has an essential role to play in governments achieving their national sustainability goals. Investors and governments should therefore work together to ensure that proposed infrastructure projects help achieve those objectives.

Primer on responsible investment in infrastructure

Primer on responsible investment in infrastructure

This article series clarifies key concepts of responsible investment in private infrastructure equity and debt, and how the six Principles for Responsible Investment apply to infrastructure.

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Responsible investment DDQ for infrastructure investors

In order to encourage a globally consistent approach to infrastructure investor due diligence and ESG disclosure by infrastructure managers, the PRI launched the Infrastructure Investor Responsible Investment Due Diligence Questionnaire.

Benchmarking infrastructure assets on ESG performance

The PRI and GRESB teamed up to produce a webinar explaining why investors use the GRESB Infrastructure platform, how it works and the value it brings to their organisations.

Supply chain ESG risks

Managing ESG risk in the supply chain of private assets and companies

Managing ESG risk in the supply chains of private companies and assets

Supply chains can be highly complex. They often span many countries and include multiple tiers, which are made more opaque by outsourcing and offshoring.