The PRI is working actively to address signatory feedback on the 2021 pilot and improve the Reporting experience for 2023. Throughout 2022, the PRI will use the R&A Updates page to share the most recent R&A developments, including how we are addressing signatory feedback on the content of the Reporting Framework and the functionalities in the Reporting Tool. We are also taking a staged approach to releasing signatories’ 2021 outputs. 

In February, we sent a mailout to all PRI signatories informing them of updates to the 2021 data collection process. We provided a recap of the 2021 Board decision; key concerns raised and identified in 2021 pilot reporting; the steps that PRI has taken since the 2021 Board decision; and what signatories can expect going forward in 2022.

To improve the quality of the 2021 data set, we are taking a staged approach to releasing signatories’ 2021 outputs. As a first step, signatories’ private Transparency Reports were uploaded in the Data Portal in October. Signatories had four weeks to review their reports, and request changes in line with our Data Change policy.

Following the 2021 pilot reporting year, PRI also received extensive signatory feedback on the Reporting Framework, functionality of the Reporting Tool. To address this feedback and improve the Reporting experience for 2023, the PRI is engaging in a comprehensive analysis of signatory feedback, and incorporating the feedback into our scoping and development of Framework content and Reporting Tool functionality.

Next steps: what you can expect in 2022

  • After implementing changes to signatories’ 2021 reports, we will re-upload the private Transparency Reports to the Data Portal in March 2022. All signatories will be able to view their updated 2021 Transparency Reports in the Data Portal. Signatories that had amendments made to their reports during the Data Collection process will have a two-week window to flag potential concerns with their amended reports, before we finalise the 2021 dataset.
  • We intend to release the 2021 public Transparency Reports (for investors and service providers) and private Assessment Reports (for investors) by June 2022, alongside an updated 2021 assessment methodology.
  • We will continue to share developments in Reporting throughout 2022 on our new R&A Updates page, including how we are addressing signatory feedback on Reporting Framework content, how we are addressing your concerns with a new Reporting Tool, and new functionalities in the Data Portal, among others.