One of the key obstacles for better diversity is existing social biases, which make it very difficult to achieve equity for all and an inclusive corporate culture that recognises diversity in the workplace and in society as a whole.

In this session, we will address the myth of meritocracy in hiring and promotion practices. We will challenge the assumption that the base case is fair, and that hard work determines hiring and promotion opportunities, irrespective of gender, race or any other characteristic. We will discuss evidence of biases present in hiring and promotion practices in businesses in general, and how investors are addressing these issues in their own organisations, as well as their portfolios.

Speakers include:

  • Essma Bengabsia, Senior Associate, Sustainable and Impact Investing, Glenmede
  • Craig Slack, Deputy Treasurer, Chief Investment Officer, Office of the Chicago City Treasurer
  • Camilla Sutton, CEO, Women in Capital Markets

Moderated by:

Elena Espinoza, Head of Social Issues, PRI