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  • IPR 2

    A Below 2C Outcome? Possible - But 1.5 Deg? Not yet


    Pete Betts, Former Lead Negotiator on Climate for the EU and UK, and Senior Advisor to IPR reflects on the post Glasgow outlook

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    The inevitable forest finance response: investor opportunities


    Forest finance, historically dominated by public sector support, will increasingly be delivered by the private sector. Recent innovations in green finance make private sector participation in the forest sector possible, while the sheer scale of forest recovery required make that participation necessary.

  • shutterstock_744046954_ipr_equity_markets_impacts

    Implications for strategic asset allocation


    New analysis in this report forecasts an abrupt and disruptive policy response to climate change which will cause re-pricing of many of the world’s most valuable companies by 2025.

  • Forecast Policy Scenario hero2

    Forecast Policy Scenario: macroeconomic results


    The Forecast Policy Scenario (FPS), introduced in this report, models the impact of the forecasted policies on the real economy up to 2050, tracing detailed effects on all emitting sectors, including changes to energy demand (oil, gas, coal), transport, food prices, crop yields, and rates of deforestation.

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    Business and investor public support for Climate Transition Policy: creating a mandate for action


    Business and investor support for action play an important part of “why” this policy response is likely to emerge over the next 6 years. These give an economic and market mandate to policy makers for action.

  • Trillion Dollar Energy Windfall Cover

    The trillion dollar energy windfall


    Falling renewable electricity costs play an important part of “why” a policy response is likely to occur. And the arrival at new tipping points within sectors and countries over the next decade informs “when” this response is likely to materialise.