The PRI’s mission statement calls for signatories to play a role in supporting a sustainable financial system, by “addressing obstacles to a sustainable financial system that lie within market practices, structures and regulation”. Responding to this, the PRI established the Sustainable Financial System programme to develop a framework for contributing to a sustainable financial system. 

“The financial system should support sustainable and equitable economic development. In doing so, it should enable everyone to access their income today and save for the future use. It should also provide capital to invest productively, innovate and provide for everyday needs”.

These are the outcomes we believe the financial system should be delivering, but the financial system does not always function in this way. It faces a number of risks and sustainability challenges that can undermine the ability of investors to meet their obligations to savers, undermine the ability of the system to operate efficiently and equitably and undermine sustainable economic development.


Why the PRI is working towards a sustainable financial system