Become a signatory

The strong growth of the PRI Initiative indicates that investors are increasingly aware of ESG factors and seek to incorporate them – both before they invest and as the ongoing, active owners of shares, bonds and other securities and assets.

The growth of responsible investment is being driven by:

  • Recognition of the financial materiality of ESG issues for individual companies and the market as a whole.
  • Acceptance that integrating these issues forms part of an investor’s fiduciary duty to its clients and beneficiaries.
  • Concerns about the impact of short-termism on company performance, investment returns and market behaviour.
  • A desire to see companies owned and managed in a way that more holistically assesses long-term drivers of risk and return.
  • Increasing public policy measures requiring investors to exercise their rights and responsibilities as owners, including expectations around voting and engagement.
  • Pressure from competitors seeking to differentiate themselves via their approach to responsible investors.

Why join?

Becoming a signatory to the PRI allows your firm to publicly demonstrate its commitment to responsible investment and places your organisation at the heart of a global community seeking to build a more sustainable financial system.

The PRI Initiative provides a high-level framework for integrating ESG issues into investment decision-making and ownership practices within the boundary of investors’ fiduciary duties and offers a comprehensive range of tools and resources to support signatories.

Signatories have the opportunity to participate in more than 100 online and in-person events and webinars hosted by the Initiative around the world each year to network, collaborate and learn from their peers. This includes the annual signatory-only event, PRI in Person, which, like the Initiative as a whole, has an agenda designed to offer something for every signatory, regardless of their size, location, asset class focus, style of responsible investment or progress towards implementation.

The PRI Initiative directly supports signatories in their responsible investment efforts through several teams:

Implementation Support
Supports signatories to implement the Principles with work streams covering 10 asset classes and areas of signatory interest facilitating debate and publishing guidance documents, case studies, discussion papers, tools and webinars.

The world’s leading platform for collaborative engagement initiatives, providing investors with a private forum to pool resources, share information, and better engage with companies, policymakers and other actors in the investment value chain on ESG issues across different sectors and regions.

Reporting and Assessment
The Reporting and Assessment process provides the world’s first global standard for reporting and assessing responsible investment activities and capabilities, allowing you to monitor and communicate your progress towards implementing responsible investment in a transparent manner while tracking progress relative to your peers.

Provides implementation support for signatories at a local and regional level, translating resources into local languages, coordinating engagements with local companies and addressing issues raised by national regulations.

Academic Network
A community of business schools, scholars and academics that can be leveraged for research on emerging best practice in ESG analysis and integration and critical responsible investment topics.

Policy and Research
Contributes to the development of a more sustainable global financial system by helping to identify and overcome strategic barriers to responsible investment, ensuring your interests are aligned with those of your clients and beneficiaries.

Further information about the PRI Initiative can be found in our brochure.