Network Supporters

PRI Network Supporters are non-profit peer organisations that would like to publicly express support for the PRI within their constituencies. This partnership enables Network Supporters to work with the PRI to raise awareness of responsible investment and the PRI within the investment community in different regions and sectors. Current PRI Network Supporters include:


  • The Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA)


  • CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development
  • Japan Sustainable Investment Forum (JSIF)


  • AFIC (Association Française des Investisseurs pour la Croissance)
  • Bulgarian Investment Managers Association (BIMA)
  • Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC)
  • Federazione delle Banche, delle Assicurazioni e della Finanza (FeBAF)
  • Finance Norway (FNO)
  • German Financial Analyst Association (DVFA)
  • Long Term Infrastructure Investors Association (LTIIA)
  • Swedish Investment Fund Association (Fondbolagens förening)
  • The Climate Bonds Initiative

Latin America

  • Abrapp
  • PIR – Programa de Inversión Responsable

North America

  • Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA)
  • Global Unions Committee on Workers Capital (CWC)
  • Heartland Capital Strategies (HCS)
  • Intentional Endowments Network


  • Industry Super Network (ISN)


Network Supporters FAQs

Who can become a Network Supporter?

Non-profit, membership-based, industry associations and peer organisations that support the PRI and would like to promote its goals. Network Supporters are approved on a case-by-case basis and membership is reviewed on an annual basis.

Are there any obligations?

Network Supporters are asked to:

  • Commit to actively supporting the PRI within their spheres of influence, and have the capacity and opportunity to do so.
  • Should not have conflicts of interest with the PRI Initiative or its UN partners.
  • Commit to a positive and constructive approach in encouraging support for responsible investment, the PRI Initiative and its signatories’ implementation of the Principles.
  • Report annually on their promotion of responsible investment and the PRI. Membership will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Please note there is no fee associated with being a Network Supporter.

What are the benefits of becoming a Network Supporter?

Becoming a Network Supporter is an opportunity to work with the PRI in driving the responsible investment agenda forward. The benefits available to Network Supporters include:

  • Support from the PRI Secretariat in education and raising awareness of responsible investment.
  • Materials and advice to help your organisation understand and promote responsible investment.
  • Articles about responsible investment by the PRI and leading signatories for your publications.
  • Tools and best practice case studies to share with your members.
  • Speakers (pending availability) at relevant events.
  • Reputational benefits of demonstrating your organisation is supportive of the responsible investment agenda, and is being proactive in promoting it through education and awareness-raising within your constituencies.

To apply to become a Network Supporter please submit this declaration, signed by your CEO (or equivalent) on your letter head, and complete this application form, and email them both to