The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the lives of workers across sectors and geographies. It has put an emphasis on the vulnerability and precariousness of the employment status of some workers and has also exposed, in many cases, the lack of adequate safeguards necessary to protect workers and their rights in times of crisis.

During this webinar, we will explore the range of risks different categories of workers have been exposed since the beginning of the pandemic and address how investors can contribute to ensuring jobs, workers and their rights are protected and respected in the midst of the crisis. We will also discuss how these considerations might help anticipate longer-term risks, inform and help shape investor action around job and workers’ protection for the long-term recovery.

Speakers include:

  • Nina Roth, Director, Responsible Investment, BMO Global Asset Management
  • Rob Wilson, Research Analyst, MFS Investment Management
  • Phil Bloomer, Executive Director, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

Moderated by:

Nabylah Abo Dehman, Manager, Social Issues, PRI