The global fixed income community is increasingly seeking ways to factor in ESG criteria and sustainability considerations when allocating capital and managing risks; and the majority of credit ratings agencies have begun to reflect ESG factors in credit risk analysis. But while European based insurers have been publicly embracing and reporting on the incorporation of ESG, their US counterparts have been less forthcoming even though portfolio asset risk and credit risk is certainly top of mind for the industry.

In this session, insurance investment portfolio practitioners will discuss their current ESG approach alongside PRI’s Head of Fixed Income Carmen Nuzzo and New York State Dept. of Financial Services, Director of Sustainability and Climate Initiatives, Yue (Nina) Chen. The conversation will also look to identify industry trends we may expect to take shape in the coming year.

Speakers include:

  • Carmen Nuzzo, Head of Fixed Income, PRI
  • Yue (Nina) Chen, Director of Sustainability and Climate Initiatives, New York State Dept. of Financial Services
  • Matthew Daly, CFA, Head of Corporate and Municipal Teams, Conning Investment Management
  • Emily Wiener, Head of Fixed Income, TIAA General Account

Moderated by:

Christine Pishko, US Relationship Manager, PRI