The impacts of climate change are no longer a distant phenomenon. 2018 was again a costly year for natural disasters in the US, Europe and Asia at $155bn, following a record-breaking year of losses in 2017. Together with members of the PRI Infrastructure Advisory Committee, this session will ask:

  • how should investors assess the future trajectory of potential risk?
  • What frameworks and tools are available to assess infrastructure and help inform investor decision making?
  • Is there a need to look at a stressed case for physical climate risk, and if so, how could this be done?


  • Kate Bromley, Head of Responsible Investment, QIC
  • Isabelle Combarel, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, SWEN Capital Partners
  • Masaaki Nagamura, General Manager, Tokio Marine
  • Sylvain Vanston, Head of ESG Integration, AXA Group
  • Jean-Yves Wilmotte, Manager, Financial Services, Carbone 4

Moderated by:

Simon Whistler, Senior Specialist, Investment Practices, PRI