The 2021 PRI reports are now available in the Data Portal. PRI reporting outputs include public and private Transparency Reports (for investors and service providers) and private Assessment Reports (only for investors). For any potential scoring issues, please see our issues log. More information about how we improved the quality of 2021 reporting outputs is available here

We are excited to share that the 2021 PRI reporting outputs (public and private Transparency Reports for investors and service providers, and private Assessment Reports only for investors) are now available in the Data Portal.

  • PRI signatories can access their reports by logging in to the Data Portal. For more information on how to log in and access the Portal, see our Permissions System guide
  • Public users (non-PRI signatories) can view high-level reporting statistics and the 2021 public Transparency Reports without logging in to the Data Portal.  

More information about how to navigate the Data Portal and access reports is available in our Data Portal guide.  

2021 Assessment Reports  

As part of their reporting outputs, investors also receive private Assessment Reports. The Assessment Report is designed to provide feedback and support ongoing learning and development on investors’ responsible investment practices.

As a part of the 2021 pilot reporting year, the assessment methodology has been re-designed to reflect the changes in the 2021 Reporting Framework as well as to account for changes in the responsible investment market. Similar to previous years, the confidential Assessment Reports include individual module scores, but no overall organisation score, due to the non-comparability of the different asset classes.  

Read about the changes to scoring in 2021.  

  • The full 2021 assessment methodology is available here.  
  • The full 2021 Reporting Framework modules and a tracking document that highlights any changes to indicator-level scoring methodology from 2021 to 2022 is available on our website here.  
  • Read the publication guidelines, outlined under “Sharing Assessment Reports” in the Frequently Asked Questions section before sharing your private assessments and/or scores with external stakeholders. 
  • For questions related to scoring and assessment methodology, please contact [email protected]

Support and guidance

Register for our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, 27 September to better understand the 2021 reporting outputs. During the session, we will go over how to access the reports, new functionalities available in the Data Portal, and the new assessment methodology for investors. This will be followed by a moderated Q&A, where we will answer general questions on 2021 outputs.   

  • For help logging in and accessing reports, see our Permissions System guide.
  • For help navigating the Data Portal, see our Data Portal guide.  
  • For additional questions not covered by the available guidance, please contact [email protected]. Response times may vary depending on the query’s complexity and will be communicated in our initial follow-up email. 
  • For general queries on their 2021 outputs, as well as call or meeting requests, signatories can contact their respective Relationship Manager.  

Looking ahead  

We welcome signatory feedback and further input on the 2021 outputs. The 2021 reports are part of the 2021 pilot reporting year, and as such, we intend to use feedback gathered on 2021 to inform our ongoing work for developing a more effective and efficient reporting system in 2023.   

We will continue sharing the latest reporting developments on R&A Updates, so please subscribe to the page’s RSS feed and check back regularly.