With increasing production and use, and poor end-of-life management, there are many environmental and economic risks associated with plastics. There are also legal requirements companies must increasingly respond to. Finding solutions to these issues through new technologies, innovations and investments can create opportunities for investors.

Plastic Investor Working Group

The PRI’s Plastic Investor Working Group consists of 29 global investors representing US$5.9 trillion in assets. The group has focused on building an understanding of plastics from a global and holistic perspective, including how plastics fit in with the broader circular economy concept.

About The plastics landscape series

The PRI has published two reports to help investors understand why plastic is a problem, and the key sectors in the plastic value chain and associated risks and opportunities. The third report looks at the factors that are causing the plastic landscape to evolve. The reports are accompanied by interactive tools presenting data on plastic production, plastic use, plastic waste generation, plastic waste management and legislation.

The reports

Plastics: The challenges and possible solutions

With an increase in global production and consumption of plastics, and less than 20 percent of plastics recycled globally, plastic waste is increasing – and mismanaged.

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  • Plastic-Risks-Opportunities

    Risks and opportunities along the plastics value chain

    The level of global interest in plastic production, consumption and waste has soared in recent years. While much of this focus has been on the risks and impacts, it is important to recognise that the flexibility and resilience of plastic mean that products made from the material perform many crucial ...

  • plastics-hero

    The plastics landscape: regulations, policies and influencers

    Rounding off a three-part series titled The plastics landscape, this report explores the various plastic-related regulations and policies at different stages of the value chain. It also looks at the types of movements that are influencing how plastic is regulated, managed and used.

Plastics economy

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How can investors help create a plastics economy that works? Event roundup


Whilst plastic is fundamental to everyday life, plastic waste poses significant reputational risks, particularly for the food, beverage and retail sectors.