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  • Amazon tipping points_hero_clear

    Climatic Tipping Point – Why Investors Should Care

    This report highlights how climate tipping points determine how the Earth’s system functions as a whole, with a focus on deforestation within the Amazon rainforest.

  • Roundtable-block_Covid

    ESG, credit risk and COVID-19


    Issuers’ crisis preparations and responses, and bondholder engagement, are two key areas of focus when considering the credit implications of the COVID-19 pandemic through an environmental, social and governance (ESG) lens.

  • 2020_AGM_season_hero

    AGM Season 2020: investor questions on COVID-19


    This guidance (co-developed by the PRI, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, California State Teachers’ Retirement System and APG) provides investors with ESG-related questions to ask investee companies’ – at annual general meetings (AGMs) and in follow-up engagements – about their responses to COVID-19.

  • covid-19-v2

    How responsible investors should respond to the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis


    The COVID-19 pandemic – and the global response to it – is a serious threat not only to global health, but to our communities, our economies and our investments.

  • Fiduciary duty in the 21st century

    ESG and alpha in China


    Evidence demonstrates ESG incorporation outperforms traditional benchmarks in China

  • modern_slavery_report

    A blueprint for mobilizing finance against slavery and trafficking


    Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking’s Blueprint provides a collective action framework for the whole financial sector and professional service providers to accelerate action to end modern slavery and human trafficking.

  • Emerging market forum colour- full_title

    Takeaways from the EM forums


    The emerging market forums completed the global series that gathered credit practitioners from investors and CRAs to discuss ESG topics. 

  • business-team-meeting-178533569_CP

    Guidance for private equity signatories: directors’ duties and ESG

    The legal duties imposed on UK company directors require them, when exercising their powers, to understand and anticipate relevant risks to, and opportunities for, the company, including those related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Directors should ensure that their company has processes to identify, manage and mitigate or ...

  • Article

    Resources from other organisations

    To complement the library of PRI resources available throughout the website, below is a list of publications on responsible investment from other organisations, including PRI signatories, industry associations, non-profit organisations and media outlets. 

  • EU-Taxonomy-final-report

    EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy

    The EU Taxonomy is a tool to help investors understand whether an economic activity is environmentally sustainable. 

  • Fiduciary duty in the 21st century

    ESG data in China: recommendations for primary ESG indicators


    This report aims to provide recommendations for China’s future, mandatory environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure framework, prepared by its financial regulators. 

  • Tax planning image

    Encouraging responsible tax behaviour: What investors need to know


    Investors want to know their portfolio companies are paying taxes in line with their business activities, as aggressive tax planning costs governments billions of dollars of revenue, and creates market distortions in both developed and developing countries.

  • EU_taxonomy_nathan

    Using the EU taxonomy


    Building up on the EU sustainable finance programme, PRI’s Chief Responsible Investment Officer and Rapporteur for the EU taxonomy, Technical Expert Group Nathan Fabian introduces the EU taxonomy following the publication of the Technical Expert Group report.

  • The ESG integration framework

    The ESG integration framework


    After extensive analysis of the ESG integration techniques of direct investors across the globe, CFA Institute and PRI collated the many ESG integration techniques used by practitioners and developed the ESG Integration Framework (see below). This article is taken from the Guidance and case studies for ESG integration: equities and ...

  • Les investisseurs face au changement climatique

    Les investisseurs face au changement climatique


    Dans l’ensemble, les investisseurs internationaux ont progressé en matière d’action climatique en 2017. En atteste la vigilance accrue des investisseurs institutionnels sur l’exposition de leurs investissements au climat, leur engagement auprès des entreprises, sans compter la dynamique française suite à l’adoption de l’article 173.

  • Wastewater garbage pollution bad life 101215387 copy

    How can investors help create a plastics economy that works? Event roundup


    Whilst plastic is fundamental to everyday life, plastic waste poses significant reputational risks, particularly for the food, beverage and retail sectors. 

  • Mobility laptop 5535830 istockphoto copy

    Five ways to enhance cyber security governance: event highlights


    In light of high-profile data breaches at companies such as Facebook and Sony, investors are increasingly aware of the need to assess cybersecurity risk within their investment portfolios.

  • Wall street 52426963 copy

    US Dodd-Frank Act amended: PRI investor insight


    An amended version of the US Dodd-Frank Act 2010 was signed into law last week after a number of its provisions were re-drawn or re-interpreted.

  • FI_LE_report

    What is ESG integration?


    The term “ESG integration” is often used when talking about ESG investing.

  • Islamic finance and responsible investment cover

    Islamic finance and responsible investment


    The main drivers of signatory growth in OIC countries are the strong alignment of social objectives in responsible investment and Islamic finance, and the additional financial value of integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment processes – which can be combined with Sharia screening.