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Figure 1
Hotspots of atmosphere depletion are found in Eastern Europe, South/South-East Asia and the Middle East.
Hotspots of water depletion are found in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian subcontinent.
Hotspots of soil and sediment depletion are found along the Amazon basin, in the horn of Africa, Scandinavia and Russia, the Indian Subcontinent and South-East Asia.
Hotspots of biodiversity depletion are found in the Great Plains in North America, the Southern cone of South America, Southern Africa, Central Asia and Australia.
This map highlights where hotspots of depletion overlap: pale yellow indicating hotspots for none of the assets, through to dark red indicating a hotspot for all four.
Location of marine natural capital assets (marine sediment carbon, coral reefs, cold corals, seagrasses, mangroves, saltmarshes, tidal flats, seamounts, cold seeps, and hydrothermal vents)
Hotspots of human pressure on the world's oceans, including land-based pollution, fishing, climate change, commercial shipping and invasive species
Hotspots of potential depletion of marine natural capital