COVID-19 resources

The COVID-19 pandemic – and the global response to it – is a serious threat not only to global health, but to our communities, our economies and our investments. As long-term stewards of capital, investors can and should act now to help reduce harmful impacts including: the direct effect on public health, the severity of the associated economic slowdown, the deepening of inequality in societies and the resulting impacts of all of the above on mental health.

To help mobilise the investor response, we have published a number of blogs on the topic, as well as a bulletin on how responsible investors should respond to the pandemic. We also set up two engagement groups on the long and short-term implications of the virus so that investors could help shape and support PRI signatory action.

We are currently developing a number of digital resources for signatories on the pandemic, including webinars and podcasts – more information will be available here shortly.

Responding to COVID-19: Immediate investor actions

Now is the time for decisive, collective action. It’s time to demonstrate that the global financial sector can respond to the immediate crisis while shaping a recovery that prioritises social and environmental outcomes, laying the foundations for a more stakeholder-driven and sustainable global economy – one that aligns people, profit and planet.

Recovery & reform

Phase two

Covid-19 and human and labour rights concerns

In March 2020, the PRI launched two discussion forums on the PRI collaboration platform to collect investor experiences relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Covid-19 - protecting workers’ rights

    Theme 1: protecting workers’ rights through the Covid-19 crisis

    The COVID-19 crisis is primarily a public health emergency, but its consequences have shown that it is much more than that. While there is a sense that the pandemic is a collective phenomenon, the stark reality is that it hits the most vulnerable hardest. The lack of a social safety ...

  • Covid-19 - supporting suppliers and building resilient supply chains

    Theme 2: supporting suppliers and building resilient supply chains

    The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the lack of resilience of supply chains in respect of labour rights during a large-scale disruption. Supply chain management over the recent period has tended to focus on efficiency, for example through reducing inventory levels, while still providing on-time-in-full deliveries, and shorter lead times.1 ...

  • Covid-19 privacy rights and cyber security risks

    Theme 3: Covid-19, privacy rights and cyber security risks

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments have introduced measures around bio-surveillance, censorship and misinformation that could have significant impacts on privacy rights. Among recent initiatives, governments have passed laws relating to around the tracking of people’s movements, communications and health data, leveraging telecommunications, camera footage, transport bookings, financial data, ...

AGM season 2020


AGM season during the COVID-19 pandemic: trends and themes


The 2020 AGM season has been unique. The record levels of support seen across 2019’s environmental and social proposals, alongside increasingly urgent climate action and commitments by huge corporates and investors to stakeholder capitalism, set the stage for an interesting season. In addition to this, the COVID-19 crisis has, in ...


AGM Season 2020: investor questions on COVID-19


This guidance (co-developed by the PRI, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, California State Teachers’ Retirement System and APG) provides investors with ESG-related questions to ask investee companies’ – at annual general meetings (AGMs) and in follow-up engagements – about their responses to COVID-19.