Private equity

Responsible investment is naturally aligned to private equity through its long-term investment horizon and stewardship-based style.
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Introductory guide

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An introduction to responsible investment: private equity

A guide to managing ESG issues in private equity

Call for case studies

Why and how investors should act on human rights_hero

Call for Case Studies – Human Rights and Private Equity


The PRI will be affording its work on human rights equal strategic priority to its work on climate change. Over the next few years, human rights will be a significant focus for us in our Investment Practices team, including in our private equity program.

Technical guides


Technical guide for limited partners: responsible investment in private equity

The appetite for ESG integration in private equity has grown strongly since the 2nd edition of this guide in 2011.

Private equity TCFD

TCFD for private equity general partners: technical guide

This guide sets out the actions that private equity general partners (GPs) can take to address the four-pillar framework of the recommendations proposed by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Practical guides and tools


Guidance for Private Equity Signatories: US Directors’ Duties and ESG

The legal duties imposed on directors of US companies incorporated in Delaware require them to take into account material ESG factors and permit them to take other ESG factors into account when rationally related to stockholder interests when discharging their duties.

All private equity resources

PRI Webinar: Managing ESG Risks in the Supply Chains of Private Companies and Assets


This webinar provides an overview of PRI’s guidance on Managing ESG risk in the supply chains of private companies and assets; as well as a discussion on engaging with portfolio companies to understand and mitigate ESG risks in the supply chain.